(New Album Review) DeLyria- Opus 7

Here is another excellent release from my buddies at the Portland-based label Lifelike Family: DeLyria’s Opus 7. DeLyria is the project of producer and musician Dan Key-DeLyria. The Opus 7 limited run cassette consists of a long-form piece that was originally performed at one of Lifelike Family’s Abstracted showcases on Side A, along with six additional studio tracks produced during the Opus 7 sesssions on Side B. The digital release of the album includes an arrangement by Los Datos (Jesse Mejía). Jason Schwab (Jay No Parades) mastered the album, and Sarah Key-DeyLyria guests on flute. This is a highly satisfying electronic album that I feel will appeal strongly to lovers of electro-acoustic music, electronica, and ambient.

As is the case with its geographic contemporary Matthew Mercer’s Supernatant, what makes Opus 7 so engaging is the way it subtly blurs the barriers between electronica and non-rhythmic electronic music. The sound of Opus 7 is that of the stabbing bassline of minimal techno anchoring a psychedelic pastoral spirit. Sarah Key-Deylria’s flute and Delyria’s hazy synth textures permeate the spaces between the monochromatic textures to create a starkly-contrasting and beautiful arrangement. I never really expected to have a run-in with a dark minimal electronica record of such tranquil, almost stately beauty. With Opus 7, Delyria has crafted an album that seems to be akin to the proto-techno “krautrock” of Conrad Schnitzler, Hans-Joachim Roedelius, and Dieter Moebius– opaque rhythmic trance-music.


For all of my Portland readers, I’d like to use this opportunity to urge you to attend Lifelike Family’s next show at Reed College’s Eliot Hall Chapel on April 18th, which will feature Loscil, Simon Scott, Marcus Fischer, Dweomer, and No Parades. The show will start at 8pm…don’t miss out on this one! Tickets available here


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