(New Album Review) Waver Clamor Bellow- Mare’s Nest

Portland-based experimental three-piece Waver Clamor Bellow continue to blow me away with their long-awaited recorded debut, Mare’s Nest, a February release that may have slipped under the radar for too many. Mare’s Nest was recorded by Mike Anzalone and mastered by Roger Seibel.

I was slightly disappointed not to have seen Waver Clamor Bellow’s name on the poster for the PDX Post-Rock Showcase coming to Holocene on the 19th– more than nearly everyone else in recent memory, this trio resurrects the powerfully emotive and sonically exploratory spirit of the instrumental post-rock of the 90s.However, like Ilyas Ahmed or Grails, their otherworldly, almost solemn style brings us to a zone very different from even that of possible forebears like Dirty Three and Rachel’s.

On Mare’s Nest, the piercing lamentations and consolations of Ben Magaziner’s viola and Sage Fisher’s harp act mostly as the light to the often engulfing darkness of guitarist Paul Schaefer’s electric storm. These three are all fine musicians, but what is really impressive is how on this debut, they have experimented so much with the structures of their songs to create dramatic and richly textured sonic spaces. This is cosmic folk music, an odyssey through a petrified landscape that feels indescribably ancient.


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