(New Album Review) Lost Trail- One Day We’ll All Walk Outside and Stare Up at the Blameless Sky and Wait for Something to Happen

Husband and wife duo Lost Trail (Zachary Corsa and Denny Wilkerson Corsa) take us on another ambient head trip into the murkiness of the unconscious and the unknown on One Day We’ll All Walk Outside and Stare Up at the Blameless Sky and Wait for Something to Happen. The recording of this album was evidently inspired by some experiences last spring in the couple’s hundred-year-old, dilapidated North Carolina home.

This is the music of haunted places and haunted heads, and Zachary and Denny create unsettling and beautiful sounds through a variety of methods. On “A Town of Dead Letters”, they go the route of Leyland Kirby, looping a sample from a degraded-sounding source and drenching it in reverb to create an atmosphere of queasy nostalgia. Towards the beginning of the epic “The Timber Paths Have Sung Their Last Refrain”, a simple figure on guitar and synth is enough to create a sense of unease that helps us transition into a lengthy sample from a lecture on psychology that borders on the paranormal in its subject matter.

Listening to Lost Trail, you see how these two have a long-standing obsession with using degraded sounds to evoke haunted landscapes and the grey area of the psychological. Zachary and Denny use field recordings, guitars, synths, and primitive, possessed noise to create a pastoral drone hauntology all their own. Even the gentle closer “For Roaring Woodlands” sounds otherworldy, a dream vision painted in a strangely too-bright light. This is yet another provocative and eerily beautiful release from an extremely forward-thinking group.


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