(New Album Review) TimHeld- Typicalhaunts

Icy, propulsive, and just about perfectly programmed and mixed, Washington EDM producer TimHeld’s Typicalhaunts is another Bandcamp masterstroke just waiting to be discovered.

Apparently Tim first got wind of my journal through my write-up for his contemporaries Newaxeyes. Typicalhaunts is an absolutely jaw-dropping post-dubstep record. The production is richly layered, nearly every hook is golden, and to boot there’s a fine melody on “Monkey Mind”. As with all of the EDM that tends to hold my interest, there is an exquisite equilibrium between harsh and gentle textures in the programming and mixing. Figures murmur in the shadows like the distant rattling of machinery, a stabbing synth line cuts through a haze of noise… it’s pretty damn captivating.

This collection of dark, evocative EDM at times rivals the output of recent luminaries like Actress and Perc. I will be watching the rest of TimHeld’s output with strong interest.


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