(New Album Review) Sound Awakener- Hidden [EP]

Sound Awakener is the musical project of Vietnamese sound artist and pianist Nhung Nguyen. Nguyen has been clasically trained in piano, however, since 2007 she has focused on training herself to develop her own technique. In 2014, now that she is beginning to seriously produce and release music, she has begun to experiment with modern classical on Five Chapters and ambient on A Dreamy Mess. Her new release Hidden can be seen as the most promising start of the Sound Awakener project getting underway. 

Nguyen has described Hidden as being a musical space that’s hidden, but not a shelter. It’s a murky collection of disturbing, thudding, clicking noise from varied origins, most of them mechanical, which were ran through a variety of effects, mostly delay and phasing, to create three electroacoustic pieces. Nguyen’s talent is apparent in spite of the (perhaps deliberately?) muffled and obscured quality of her recordings. It’s strangely hypnotic soft noise– I was particularly drawn into the album’s second piece, “Hidden”. This is a very intriguing collection of electroacoustic pieces, and I am already looking forward to her future efforts.


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