(New Album Review) Laura Luna- Isolarios

Isolarios is the debut recording of Prague-based artist Laura Luna. I happened upon this release more or less at random. Almost immediately, I was drawn into this richly textured and hypnotic collection of tracks.

Luna described her pieces on Baba Vanga’s bandcamp page for the release as meaning to evoke brief scenes from her memory. This contextual information makes tracks like the meditative-but-not-quite-calm The Woodsman” and the slightly dissonance and foreboding atmosphere of “Ennui Hours” all the more engrossing. I was also particularly impressed with the development of the piece “Nor Slumber No Sleep”. These are memories of being in transit, memories of worry. While listening to a piece like “Oxytocin”, one cannot help but feel like there are two representative layers to many of these tracks: there is a serene drone, representing the surface level of the memory, then the rattling, chirping repeating figures and strange samples of voices and other sounds, representing the interior level of the memory. Another response I had to this music was feeling as though it reminded of those feelings one has on the threshhold of consciousness, and I am not sure if this was intentional. The image which often came into my head was one of a lone figure in a waiting room late at night.

This is an album in which the light and dark mesh together. There are many releases like it in the world of electroacoustic music, but this is one of the better experimental releases of the year. I highly recommend looking into it, and I will monitor Laura Luna’s soundcloud to see what else she may produce in the future.


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