(Show Preview) Andrew Endres Collective @ Valentines 11/16/2014

Last February I saw Andrew Endres Collective for the first time, at the Firkin Tavern in Southeast Portland. I really enjoyed this performance, and while I have not yet seen the Collective perform again, on multiple occasions I have unexpectedly ran into Andrew at some shows where he was playing with Ghost to Falco. I found him to be very friendly and polite, and I made a note to attend another one of his shows, as, since the Collective is a jazz group after all, the direction that his group’s ecelectic music takes no doubt varies from show to show. Andrew Endres Collective is at the core a trio made up of Andrew on guitar, Sam Hallam on bass, and James Ford on drums– when the group is expanded to a quartet, David Valdez on Alto Sax or Reid Neuman on Tenor Sax will join in to fill out the Collective’s sound. The main influence for the group is Pat Metheny, though these cats also look to some contemporary artists, such as guitarist Mike Moreno and bassist Janek Gwizdala, for inspiration just as much as the tried-and-true classics. Andrew actually sent me a brief list of recommended jazz albums from this year from lesser-known contemporary artists that I have made a note to catch up on! I am very much a mostly entry-level appreciator of jazz, so you can imagine that I appreciated the recommendations.

If you have not checked out his music since reading my write-up from last February, either stop by Andrew’s bandcamp to download the music he has offered at “name your price”, or, if you’re a Portlander, attend the Collective’s show tomorrow night at Valentine’s. Andrew recently reached out to me to promote this show, and it feels good to promote in conjunction with him. When he is not bicycling, or gigging with Ghost to Falco or the Collective, he keeps his nose to the grindstone as a highly regarded sound technician and music instructor. Given Andrew’s involvement with Ghost to Falco, which is an interesting experimental rock group which sometimes sounds like a Spaghetti Western soundtrack, other times like post-hardcore, and the ambient experiments that he’s posted to his bandcamp, I am very curious to listen to the Collective’s soon to be released debut album. I cannot help but wonder what sorts of sonic exploration will accompany the excellent musicianship of the Collective. If you’d like a taste of what’s to come, make sure to be at Valentine’s tomorrow night at 9!

Photo by Seth Mower


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