(New Album Review) Memnon Sa- Citadel

Here’s a great new album that was recently forwarded to me: Memnon Sa’s Citadel, a collection of instrumentals that is highly recommended for all enthusiasts of krautrock revival, psychedelia, and doom metal. Memnon Sa is the pseudonym of Misha Hering, a musician and well-established recording engineer who worked on Citadel at his London studio Holy Mountain. Misha has described his music as “ancient psychedelia”. One could pitch it best as being halfway between drone doom like Sunn O))) and classic psych stuff like Ash Ra Tempel– it is somber, heavy psych rock, almost metal (but not quite), and it easily lends itself to weird imagery of pagan rituals. Here is the cool music video that Pyramide Noire has put out for “Heca Emem Ra”:

It is not common these days to happen upon jammy, droning, psychedelic rock that does not also eschew melody. The last thing I listened to that reminded me of  Misha’s record was Twilight in the Crystal Cabinet by My Brother the Wind, a very excellent group from Sweden. To make music like this, you have to be just as invested in crafting interesting lines as you are in creating atmosphere. Misha’s album gives off the impression of a seasoned musician with a strong love for classic krautrock, heavy psych, and doom metal setting out to make some soundscapes of cinematic grandeur, punctuated with killer riffs and melodies: Citadel is not pure drone and it is not challenging listening. It is psychedelic drone of economy and melody, and it goes down very easy. This is the good stuff, to be sure– someone forward it to Julian Cope!

It’s been mentioned in press releases that Misha has been influenced by film soundtracks. Misha’s compositional skills will certainly impress many– particularly his use of silence on brilliant tracks like “Kali Yuga” and “Eshkigal”. The tone of the record is maintained well, as the pieces sway between the foreboding growl of Hering’s arpeggios and the eerie howling of wind. The highlight of the record, for me, is “Black Goddess”. To all fans of heavy psychedelia, check this as soon as you can!


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