(New Album Review) Blakkr Nið- War Time [EP]

This next submission comes from Canada. Peter McNestry’s Blakkr Nið, one of an almost endless array of bandcamp’s bedroom avant-garde projects, is dark ambient made with guitars and synths. I checked up on War Time,  his EP from earlier this year, and found myself getting intrigued.

Blakkr Nið seems to me to be a project following the path being crafted by groups like Locrian– fans of black metal sounding out the territories of the avant garde with ghostly instrumental drones with a combination of guitar feedback and synths. There is a lot of overlap between avant garde music and the darker end of metal, as Chelsea Wolfe’s burgeoning success would suggest. For a while, metal was sort of excluded or at least avoided within certain circles in music, but now I suppose people have come full circle to feeling more open minded towards it. Cool projects like Blakkr Nið will certainly benefit from the surge of interest in this nascent genre-mixing.

Both the opener “Chernobyl” and “Rusted Carousel” carry on in the vein of bone-chilling ambient atmospheres to satisfying effect. However the real treat of the album is the closer, “Reactor Bay”, a collaboration with Newgrange. This angelic track departs from the eerie mood of the first two tracks. It is this track that has a real richness to it, and seems to me to be very clear evidence of an interesting vision in McNestry’s music. The first two tracks weave some horror, then this last one weaves some hope. All three tracks use synths while eskewing guitars, unlike some of McNestry’s other albums which I checked up on. It is really cool to see so many artists feeling kind enough to put their work out there on bandcamp and offer it at “name your price“. Be sure to return the favor and check this out. File it next to KTL and Locrian.


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