(New Album Review) Brad Gibson- Poontet

Here is another great submission from a Washington-based musician, Brad Gibson’s jazz sextet Poontet’s self-titled debut EP.

The coupling of a provocative moniker and album cover to very pleasantly harmonic jazz sounds brings to mind all the really engaging fusion I’ve sampled in my life. Because, like Gibson noted in this interesting piece on the EP, the whole trick is to get people’s attention, because with some art it’s often best to be bold and go all out. Hence, all those fusion albums from the 60’s and 70’s that had really surreal album art that would always arouse my curiosity better than any review or simple description. I’m into that.

The point is that this is fun music that the band had a great time making, and that Gibson has got the right idea of how to promote it. This is very good jazz record that is never boring, and demonstrates a very mature vision. Gibson has a light touch, and one can tell in the perfectly precise momentum of these pieces and the seamless interplay between alto saxophonist Bryan Smith and trumpeter Scott Morning that he must be a demanding bandleader. I particularly appreciated “Twilight”– unpretentious and organic jazz that unfolds rather casually, and everything falls into place seemingly effortlessly. It’s a cool, humble record and I hope that my readers in the Northwest not only check it out but support Poontet. Here is a photo of them, by artist Denney Goodhew:



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