(Late 2013 Review) James Curry IV- Never Been Lonely

This submission comes from within Portland, Never Been Lonely from 2013 by James Curry IV. James actually released something else this year, an album of electropop-themed music called Apocalypse Freaks, but I especially wanted to spotlight this release from almost exactly a year ago, I found myself getting pretty into it.

James, a Reed college graduate, is a good example of a guy who might almost have too many good ideas. Take for instance, the cover for this record. It’s beautiful, I tell you. But how does it connect to this insane collection of lo-fi noise rock ditties? Basically, what comes to my mind when I study James’s music is the workings of a very rambunctious brain, the sound of a washing machine running off-kilter. Listening to these tunes, I want to dance, I sort of want to sing along, hell, I want to do jumping jacks. When James reached out to me, he cited my review of Consumer at Slabtown as the impetus for his interest in my blog. And like Consumer, James makes crazy, extreme music. One looks at modern music like Andrew WK’s I Get Wet and the now vast variety of rappers that bandwagoned with trap rap, and I can relate James back to all that as well. I’m unsure as whether to peg James as having any kind of focus on irony, but with the way that he’s really proud to let his freak flag fly he connects himself with this sort of manic hedonism– the swag attitude, or the well-meaning “party” attitude.

Overall, this is a really brazen record– this artistic persona that James is pushing in his music is absolutely looney. He doesn’t take himself all that seriously and that’s what I appreciate. Moreover, he has some memorable lines on this album…”Charlene…You’re mean”, “I want to text you my heart, even though we’re two blocks apart”. This guy could really go places. I’d like to direct your attention to his videos for “Head Toss” and “Obscure” off this record, as well as his website. Check him out. Happy listening.


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