(New Album Review) Kreidler- ABC

So far this year, the three releases that have intrigued me most have been Fennesz’s absolutely gorgeous Bécs, Golden Retriever’s Seer, and krautrock legends Kreidler’s return to form, ABC. It’s been two years since Kreidler put out an album of new material, and I am really pleased with what they’ve produced– they were kind enough to send this album to me for review.

This is what post-rock ought to have been: pulsing, mysterious electronica riding the motorik beat into the stratosphere. ABC is, overall, a release that is very typical of its subgenre: the nouveau krautrock that Kreidler themselves have pioneered along with Tarwater, Burnt Friedman, and a few other interesting German Djs. This is to say, it is seductive, playful, detached. Monosyllabic voices bob and weave through a monochrome playground of coldly beautiful dance music.  ABC has an authoritative voice, with booming, twisting synth lines dominating the album, giving it a dramatic flavor. Kreidler use dance beats to explore inner space: I appreciate them for their ingenuity and consistently fascinating output, which there is quite a lot of at this point. All fans of interesting ambient music and dance music should check out this top-notch return to form. This is, after all, the perfect music for a drive down to the beach. Here too, is a cool new music video from them:

Happy listening and stay tuned for some other interesting new releases I’ve been meaning to get to this week.



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